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First Film Festival by the blind, created to share WORLDWIDE. 

April 5 and 6, 2024 (4th annual)

Get tix here - starting @$1

Live in the Arts District of Tallahassee (Florida State Capital) 

READ all details HERE

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blindDANCE Film Festival is now named Blind CAN

 - Celebrating (in our name) what the Blind CAN do.

Filmmakers share their vision on the big screen in a unique way the world is celebrating local to global (Get TICKETS)

IT IS FREE to submit a film (for legally blind filmmakers or anyone with a registered disability). Prizes are awarded, both in cash and paid work opportunities.

Blind CAN Filmmakers experience opportunities for leadership while producing films that focus on what the world looks like for them. 

 - We offer monthly storytelling and filmmaking skill building workshops with top industry experts partnered with people just coming up in the industry. 

Three talented filmmakers will be invited to a screening and VIP Celebrity party in Florida State Capital of Tallahassee during the 2024 blindCAN Film Festival in April - CHECK OUT HIGHLIGHTS from the last. two Blind CAN Film Festivals.

$1000 Prize for the:

WHITE CANE DAY Commercial Challange: 

 - Create a 1 - 5 minute video 

 - Answer this question: 

"What does the white cane mean to you?"


- - - Prizes and TV Spots for the top the commercial.

 - CHECK out all the blindCAN Categories 

Join us OCT. 15 for Cane to Carpet Gala to see top commercials

See Sedona Blind

90 Mins Feature Film - Join a group of influencers, who are blind with Ben Fox and his brother JON, as they share their stories along the trails of Sedona and answer the question, can a vortex be felt? Release date to TBA

Check out these blindCAN FILMS:


7 Min Short Film - Join Michael Benson Founder of the Visual Experience Foundation for an Adventure at Niagara Falls, with the Working While Blind Crew, Featuring the Fox Brothers Ben and Jon. SEE the FEATURE FILM @blindCAN Film Festival 


10 Min Short Film - The Amazing Blind Magician had an amazing week teaching magic to kids who are blind in Tallahassee and the blindCAN Film Festival with Ben Fox! Ryan went blind at the age of 9 after brain surgery. It was.a magic kit that helped him in physical therapy helping him to pick up the white cane and get back out into the world. He has a love to teach and share his magical gift! - Filming a feature film now! 

Surfing for VISION

30 Min. Short Film - Would you go surfing if you were  blind? Join us for the journey of how this amazing annual event began. Hit the waves with us for the next half-hour, lets go. 

ABLE Artists the FILM

Join us as we explore the a gallery that builds up the brands of artists who have a registered disability. We are local to Global, changing perspectives on what art looks like. 


38 Min. Short Film - Dr. Maria Peugnet  has been working with some of the most talented musicians in Mexico, who are teenagers and blind. 


Feature Film- The Blind BioHacker Victor Mifsud is on a mission to supercharge his eyes and share the succes with the rest of us.

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