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Leadership @blindCAN, meet the board:

blindCAN leadership is comprised of industry professionals in the blindness community, in addition to the business, academic, government and medical fields. Our team has banded together to provide opportunities and training in the film industry to those who are blind and visually impaired, often through creative partnerships. 

Ben Fox Founder and President.jpg

Ben Fox

Founder and President 

Told to prepare for blindness, having surgeries in both eyes at the age of 18, the same year he had a short film premiere at the GEN-Y Theatre of the Sundance Film Festival. Fox, who has worked professionally as a journalist before starting is dedicated to seeing that anyone with a dream to make films has the opportunity

Scott Tennant.jpg

Scott Tennant 

Chairman of the Board

CEO of Senergy Medical Group and the Executive Producer of the American Foundation for the Blind's Film about Hellen Keller, Scott brings a seasoned bussiness sense to the board. He grew up helping his father, who worked as an eye surgeon. Scott would be in the room as bandages were taken off of the patient's eyes, praying for success.

jon fox.jpg

Jon Fox


Programmer for Morgan Stanley and a budding writer/filmmaker, Jon has watched his brother Ben going blind his whole life, giving him a unique perspective and ability to contribute. The blindCAN Film Festival CAN because of Jon Fox's dedication to the mission, his contributions of time and resources and his personal talents. With a keen eye for detail, Jon oversees logistics. 

Karen Walker.jpg

Karen Walker

Policy Adviser / White Cane Expert

CEO of Allied Instructional Services, Karen literally employs the most white cane instructors in the world and is one of the people writing current best practices today. She is also the founder of Able Artist Gallery and has a heart of service dedicated to causing real lasting positive change in the lives' of people she works with. 

Sharon Berthshard.jpg

Sharon Scherbarth

Youth Activities / EVENTS

With VAST experience in creating curriculum for kids who are blind of all ages, Sharon brings to blindCAN her background of creativity. She works with the Special Olympics and is a credentialed teacher of the visually impaired in public schools throughout Florida. It is her goal for all children to have equal access to opportunities. 

Fred San Gullianni.jpg

Fred Sanguiliano

Veteran Adviser to the Board / Ambassador 

Now dedicated to ART during his retirement, Fred is investing his life setting an amazing example of what is possible for someone going blind. After spending years advising government officials, including more than one president, he went on to start Florida's small business of the year. He is a veteran, and flew jets before becoming blind. He is a leader and a mentor to blindCAN President Ben Fox, and the board.

Dr Vinny Calderon.jpg
krystle Allen.jpg
John Baker.jpg

John Baker

Actualizer of Big Ideas and Outreach 

CTO of NJ Spine and Wellness, John takes finding creative solutions very seriously. He is known for inventing products that help people thrive at what they love doing, regardless of how their body works. He brings innovation and a great heart to blindCAN Film Festival. 

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