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Annual Report 2022 - 2023 / Budget for next 12 months

Blind CAN Film Festival raises awareness of what the Blind Can do, through sharing stories of the people we train in the art of filmmaking regardless of how their eyes work. 

We have been in Tallahassee for two years, first arriving for a month to make a film about Able Artist Gallery with Karen Walker, later officially moving to town that summer.

We have opened, reconditioned and equipped/furnished 2 different Blind CAN Studios in Tallahassee’s Artist’s District, Railroad Square, having the need to grow into the larger office to do trainings with local film maker. hopefuls. 


We enjoyed an amazing success of a second annual in person festival in April of 2023, over two days and three venues, with over 200 people attending over the two days. Our first in person festival was in Nov. 2022, our first actual festival was 2021 virtually.

We filmed a white cane commercial, live in public, as a highlight of the Blind Can Film Festival 2023, with an influencer who is Blind and has over a million subscribers. 

We traveled to New York City to attend a motivational speaking engagement. 

We have attended 2 events and filmed interviews for blind eye doctors and professionals so far this year, ARVO in New Orleans and ATIA in Orlando.


In 2023 we have filmed (providing training for people with disabilities):

Future  Pathways the Film -  short film

Wait 10 Years -  short film

Running with the Blind -  short film

White Cane Commercial with Anthony Ferraro 

Commercial for COCA featuring Visit Tallahassee Visiting Center 

Future of Eyesight (talking with doctors) - short film

Our White Cane Commercials have aired on TV in Florida’s state capital, Tallahassee, and was again featured in the news for this work.   

Our short films have shown in theaters multiple times locally this year. 

We formed a partnership with Future Pathways and have been hosting socials with their clients, and mentoring clients who are blind looking to work in media creation or events. 

We have arranged travel for and hosted multiple artists who are blind for Artists in Residency. or public appearances, Film School Graduate Kevin Figuroa (from New York City) who is an official photographer fot the Tribecca Film Festival and also Clarke Reynolds (From the UK) who is known as the International Blind Braille Artist both stayed for 3 weeks, Anthony Ferraro, and Michael Tubiak both visited for about a week. Ryan Fox  the Amazing Blind Magician visited twice for a total of over four months. 

Filmed in 2022:

Magic Camp Blind

Able Artists - the film 

Surfing for Vision - short film 

3 white cane commercials

Good Year Blimp short 

Niagra Falls short 

We created the concept for The World’s largest braille art to spell LOVE and commished its creation. 


We hosted and promoted a succesful Tallahassee Believes in Braille Party

In 2022 we formed a partnership with the Lighthouse of the Big Bend specifically assisting with events for the blind and promotions to the general public. 


Assisted blind community and created media AT:

American Foundation for the Blind 100 year GALA (secured an extra ticket for a blind filmmaker and helped with travel and logistics for another)


ATIA conference (created various media about new tech for the blind and promoted via social) 


Tony Robbins event (we sat in the front row center and secured a second ticket and housing for a blind SUPER FAN)


Motivational speaking event in Miami with the then President of The American Foundation for the Blind, filming him in a short film that won an award and Aired on TV. 

2 NJ Motivational speaking events, in attendance with others who are blind and featured in our footage

LOCAL to Global




Current Annual income 

12,000 Donated by Scott Tennant and Synergy Medical (1K monthly)


Estimated income through ticket sales and Specific fundraising for events


15,000 Red Carpet White Cane Celebration Fundraiser (Oct. 15, 2023)


15,000 Blind Can Film Festival (April 4 and 5, 2024)


3,000 First Friday Game Night at BlindCAN HQ (one each month)


3,000 Third Thursday Pancake Breakfast (one each month)


10,000 Founding Friends Donors (at 1K each) 


25,000 Corporate sponsors from Blind CAN Awareness Campaigns “Brought to you by…” with THANK YOU Gifts in the form of branded videos created by our Working While Blind filmmakers in training 1

 - 10 at $2500 each


TOTAL: $83,000







30,000 Director (or monthly 2K after taxes) 


12,000 Interns (paid in Visa Gift Cards for TAX purposes) 


RENT and Utilities for BlindCAN HQ



1,200 office supplies (ink, paper, lightbulbs)


1,200 Office hospitality snack (bottled water, coffee) 


1,200 operating budget for First Friday Game NIGHT 


1,200 operating budget for Third Thursday Breakfast by the Blind


1,000 operating budget for Red Carpet White Cane Celebration 


1,000 Blind Can Film Festival (VENUE and operating budget)


1,000 White Cane Commercial Contest Prize 


2,500 Prizes for Blind CAN Film Festival Filmmakers


5,000 Blind Filmmakers TO Tallahassee TRAVEL budget 


1,000 Merch to give away 


6,000 MEALS for staff during trainings/meetings 


4,800 Milage (Ubers for the blind, clients and staff) for local Tallahassee/North Florida travel


5,000 TRAVEL budget for annual FILM PROJECT (First travel is to Sundance Film Festival Jan. 2024)


5,000 Annual equipment upgrades/repairs 

Current wish list for first expenditure (4K Camcorder, Fast editing computer, pro podcast mic set)


Total estimated annual expenses: $81,100

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