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Annual Report and NEXT YEAR's SCHEDULE

blindCAN Film Festival trains people who are blind to create media and films. raising awareness worldwide, SHARING stories focused on the things we CAN do. White Canes, Cameras, Action... Guide Dogs Welcome Too! 

We moved to Tallahasse last summer, first to visit and make a film about Able Artist Gallery with Karen Walker, later officially moving to town that summer. Now Jon Fox has bought a home near to downtown Tallahassee and the Fox Brothers are here with roots. 

We have opened, reconditioned and equipped/furnished blindCAN Studios in Tallahassee’s Artist’s District, Railroad Square. 


We held our first in person blindCAN 1 DAY miniFilm Festival, featured in the news November 2021. 


Our White Cane Commercials have aired on TV in Florida’s state. capital, Tallahassee, and was again featured in the news for this work. 

Our short films have shown in theaters multiple times locally this year. 


We have formed a partnership with the Lighthouse of the Big Bend specifically assisting with events for the blind and promotions to the general public. 

We created the concept for The World’s largest braille art to spell LOVE and commished its creation. 


We hosted and promoted a succesful Tallahassee Believes in Braille Party

We have arranged travel for and hosted 2 artists who are blind for Artists in Residency in Tallahassee for 3 weeks each, Film School Graduate Kevin Figuroa (from New York City) who is an official photographer fot the Tribecca Film Festival and also Clarke Reynolds (From the UK) who is known as the International Blind Braille Artist. 


Able Artists - the film 

Surfing for Vision - short film 

3 white cane commercials

Good Year Blimp short 

Niagra Falls short 


Assisted blind community and created media AT:

American Foundation for the Blind 100 year GALA (secured an extra ticket for a blind filmmaker and helped with travel and logistics for another)


ATIA conference (created various media about new tech for the blind and promoted via social) 


Tony Robbins event (we sat in the front row center and secured a second ticket and housing for a blind SUPER FAN)


UNBLINDED MIAMI (making a film about the organization created by a blind rockstar speaker who works with Tony Robbins)


2 NJ UNBLINDED events, in attendance with others who are blind and featured in our footage (our camera gear was stoelen at one)




Able Artists Gallery 


Cap City Video Lounge

-Monthly Event Space (blindCAN Branded) available for showing shorts/game NIGHT

Partnership with LBB

- Media Creation/EVENTS

- Summer camps 

-The Amazing Blind Magician Ryan Fox children’s book 


Partnership with Eyes Like Mine

- Leadership Community Building calls

- Dancing with then BLIND

Partnership with Railroad Square 

- 1 video interview with artist every week hosted on their website and Railroad Weekly

 - blindCAN Working While Blind Crew is granted access to Railroad Square Website for these updates 

Projects this YEAR:

1. THE blindCAN 2 DAY Film Festival 

at Cap City Video Lounge and Mickee Foust Theaters in Railroad Square

Showing a total of 4 feature films (aprox 2 hours) 6 short films (between 15 and 30 mins) and 21 micro films (about 5 mins)


Music at the Crafthouse Art Garden

- All venues have their own staff and concessions

10 Volunteers needed to run logistics and crowd flow 

 - We are asking blindCAN Board Members to be judges for a self-set amount of time picking the films for the festival 

Goal for blindCAN 2023 ticket sales =100


 - APRIL 14  


 - Music 7:30 - 8:30 

 - Block of Short Films 8:45 - 9:45 (TEN films, 5 mins each)

 - VIP Party 10 - 11:30


- APRIL 15


10 AM Brunch w/FOLK

11:30 -FEATURE FILMS on 2 SCREENS (2 FEATURE FILMS opened by short films)

2PM - Blocks of Shorts on 2 SCREENS

5 PM - Big Dinner w/JAZZd

7:00 PM - FEATURE FILMS on 2 SCREENS (2 FEATURE FILMS opened by short films)

9 PM - Award Ceremony and Music at the Craft House

2. CHILDREN's Book "The Amazing Blind Magician" w/LBB 

- Magician visits Tallahassee LIVE during kids summer camp

- Kids review the version of the book we have so far, and help make it COOL!

- Two local low vision / legally blind illustrators have asked to be part of this book, both LBB clients 

- Docuent the process of creation and promotion of the book and the LBB students are invited to participate however they like. 


3. Railroad Weekly w/Railroad Square 

- Film 1 short video interview with an artist each week/transcribe and add both to

- Teach Able Filmmakers through this process, especially both the interview process and editing 

hand out printed MAP and periodical on First Fridays - Job Training


4. Dancing with the blind w/Eyes like Mine

- Editing together Recorded Zoom planning calls with the Eyes Like Mine planning meetings with actual live footage from the event 

 - help promote this years event with our social media and online appearances with Kryste Allen

 - Send the completed documentary to film festivals around the world to raise awareness of the event and case-



Able Artist 2.0

The Amazing Blind Magician 
Art Squared in Tallahassee

Dancing with the Blind

Surfing for Vision

MANTRA of LOCAL to Global

Focus on First Friday EVENTS for filming and ticket sales for the ACTUAL film festival 

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