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Filming now at blindCAN Studios:

Working While Blind 

Documentary Series Featuring interesting people that are blind at work at interesting jobs. 

If you are an employer interested in hiring someone who is blind, the process can become an episode of Working While Blind. 

Working While Blind SHARE media.jpg

Braille on the Streets

Feature Length Documentary Film focused on raising awareness of Braille literacy through a road trip with Blind Braille Artist, Clarke Reynolds from the United Kingdom. 

The blindCAN Film Festival has commissioned Reynolds to create the largest braille art ever in the world, and is spelling the word LOVE in cities along the east coast Miami to New York City. 

Braile on the Streets SHARE media.jpg

Magic While Blind

Surviving Brain Surgery at the age of 7, The Amazing Blind Magician Ryan Fox learned magic in order to relearn motor functions. 

Fox became legally blind and deaf after the brain tumor was removed. 

A favorite pass time for Fox today is to perform magic for children in caner wards. 

Magic While Blind SHARE media.jpg
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