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INTERN with blindCAN, this is what it looks like:

Intern with blindCAN

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Letter to college students from: blindCAN Film Festival Founder and legally blind filmmaker Ben Fox


“We invite you to be part of the filmmaking process, along with people who are blind at the Blind CAN Film Festival. Please join us next semester as an intern. 


Join us and make an impact, creatively, in the unemployment rate amongst the blind, currently at 75 percent. 


Blind CAN Film Festival provides training and a platform for normalizing success amongst people who are blind through storytelling and film. 


We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3, and work alongside some of the most well known names in the blindness community as well as some trend setting tech companies. 


While working with us, you will learn valuable skills that can benefit you in multiple industries. You will have the opportunity to meet real filmmakers, actors and writers in addition to the people that make the industry work. Your help will directly make a difference in our ability to make quality films. Thank you for reading and we are looking forward to working with you! 


We ask interns to be available between 4 - 12 hours a week in shifts of 4 hours, we are happy to work with colleges and universities in order for students to receive college credit. We have a variety of perks and prizes for our interns, who we love and thank often. 


Marketing Intern Duties may include: 

  1. Outbound phone-calls with a 1-minute script to blindness organizations

  2. Scheduling podcast guests for filmmaking workshops 

  3. Social media posting to promote films


PRODUCTION Intern Duties may include: 

  1. Editing film in Adobe Premiere 

  2. Assisting with Tech during livestreams 

  3. Driving and setting up of camera equipment 


We also have an office internship specifically for people who are blind and returning to work, or starting work for the first time. 

  • This internship is focused on providing a supportive and encouraging environment, part-time to help springboard interns into the working environment. 

Interns will:

  • participate in weekly planning meetings

  • make outbound phone calls to set appointments for blindDANCE producers

  • learn CRM software skills

  • track and complete results into reports


NOTE: Graduates of this 3-month program will receive a certificate of completion AND interns are featured in a reverse job fair as a graduation ceremony. 

Example of Marketing Intern Duties (Production interns are chosen from the pool of marketing interns, unless they have previous production experience):

4 hour shifts in the Tallahassee Railroad Square Office. . 


Upon arriving in the office: Opening shift meeting, ask questions, receive any daily specific instructions, then open CRM to call down a list of provided numbers. 


 - Simply read the following script and track the results in the CRM. 


Hello is this (Name of Person) from the BNI group?

You might remember the founder of the blind can film festival, Ben Fox, as a guest at one of your chapter meetings. We were also recently featured on abc 27 as well as the Tallahassee democrat. 


We are calling around to tell people what the blind are up to in Tallahassee this year, can i tell you about it?

It will take less than a minute? 


I’m (YOUR NAME) with the Tallahassee locally BASED Blind CAN Film Festival, the first film festival by the blind for the world. 


We are inspiring filmmaking in the blindness community while growing an audience world wide for our films, often bringing blind influencers to Tallahassee.


Did you know that the unemployment rate amongst people who are blind is 75 percent? 


It’s wild but that's why the Blind CAN Film Festival provides training and a platform for normalizing success amongst people who are blind through storytelling, film and EVENTS.

 - Would you be open to helping filmmakers who are blind by purchasing a virtual ticket to the film festival? It’s 10 dollars and you get full access to all the films, all year long, anywhere in the world.

YES: All right! Thank you, I have the blind can ticket website pulled up and I can go ahead and process your ticket right away.  


No: How would you feel about being a sponsor for our white cane red carpet gala in october?


(Depending on the nature of the call, one of the 5 points below can be substituted for the last paragraph from the script above)


Other ways you can support us: 


1. Become a Sponsor of the Blind CAN Film Festival or MONTHLY event

2. Donate an item to our Monthly online silent auction (proceeds fund filmmaking workshops for the blind)   

3. Volunteer to be crew for a film by a Filmmaker who is Blind in your local area

4. Refer a guest for our Monthly “Success through Storytelling” Filmmaker Workshop, or weekly “What the Fox and Films” podcast 

5. Nominate a judge for 1 of our 8 film categories (no experience with blindness necessary)

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