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First Film Festival by the blind, created to share WORDWIDE. 


The Blind community was in full force at the Tallahassee Film Festival for a movie featuring an actor who is blind, with Audio Description provided live by the blindCAN Film Festival.


Ryan FOX is the Amazing Magician! In Florida making a documentary film with the blindCAN Film Fest and sharing magic at summer camp for blind kids!

blindCAN Commissioned the Worlds Largest Braille Art

History was made with Braille on the streets of Tallahassee and so much more to share. Thank you to so many people, will post more soon. 

blindCAN Flying doors off above NYC in a helicopter

Major shout out to Michael Benson from Visual Experience Foundation for all the adventures he creates and takes our community to experience! This one we were joined by Mrs. World 2012, in addition to my best friend from childhood who is blind!

blindCAN Monthly mini-FEST loved on the NEWS

It was a night for popcorn as we awarded Color Sonrisa an award for best short film internationally! Congrats guys. 

blindCAN Film Adventure at Niagra Falls

A huge thanks to the Visual Experience Foundation and Michael Benson for taking a group of people who are blind for the VIP treatment and behind the scenes tour of Niagra Falls!

blindCAN Riding in the Good YEAR Blimp

Again we must thank Michael Benson and the Visual Experience Foundation, we had an amazing time meeting up with again with Orly Shamir as well. 

blindCAN in the news at Able Artists Gallery

Working While Blind Crew went to film Artist and blindCAN Board Member Fred and the news showed up to cover the amazing talent that was in the room!

blindCAN FilmCREW SURVIVES Furius cat attack! 

Kids at Blind Summer Camp invited our Working While Blind Film Crew to join them in a room FULL of cats at TallyCAT Cafe!

blindCAN blind Art Class in NYC

We joined CoFounder of FAR Technology to speak to a highschool students at the oldest school for the blind in the US. We had a great time in the tactile art room of art teacher Daniel Lubiner. 

blindCAN partners with Able Artists Gallery 

A new partnership is BORN between blindCAN Film Festival and Able Artists Gallery. We are committed to filming the cool things that they feature and will be showing some of our films there. 

blindCAN have Fire Fighters show up to dinner, SMILING

It was traditional Yorkshire Pudding by Clarke Reynolds, and it was an AMAZING MEAL! 5 Alarm Fire in TASTE, and it was only a lot of smoke from the oven, ALL GOOD. 

blindCAN @Tally Jazz Festival with Braille Artist

Music is a great uniting force, and as a filmmaker, Ben Fox got his start filming music events and doing interviews. It was a joy to hear this amazing music with the Blind Braille Artists Clarke Reynolds. 

blindCAN w/blind woman riding bike coast to coast

Becky Andrews rode a tandem bike with her husband from California, we met her at the end of her journey in FL! How amazing to see her after this amazing journey! 

blindCAN in Studio with Speaker/Author Charlie Collins

Great to be filming and helping to raise awareness of the tools that are available to us in the blindness community. Charlie Collins is the author of Tripping Into the Light. 

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