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"Our MISSION is to show the world... people who are Blind CAN make films," says the festival's founder, Ben Fox. "We are kicking off our festival by actually filming a white cane commercial for TV, live in public, during April 7th's First Friday in Tallahassee's Art District."


White Canes, Cameras, Action (Guide Dogs Welcome Too) is the motto of the festival, with headquarters in Tallahassee's Art District. This year's organizers say (along with Fox) they are excited to bring a lineup of influencers (who are blind) to celebrate filmmaking in Tallahassee.


The scene features a well known skater and paralympian hopeful (who is blind) Anthony Ferraro, with nearly a half million YouTube Subscribers.


Those joining the filming as EXTRAS are asked to cheer at the side of the skate park, may receive free Tshirts (to wear for the filming), and receive many high fives from the blind film crew.


Perhaps the most unique aspect of this commercial, Fox says, is that the audience sees specific points of view from the blind actor simulated on screen, showing different types of blindness, specifically educating the public on the blindness spectrum.


Enjoy free films outdoors by blind filmmakers near the skate park at the conclusion of filming April 7th.

The Blind CAN Film Festival also extends the following day (April 8th) hosting music and films throughout the Arts District, including a LIVE PANEL of blind filmmakers and influencers at 5 pm at Mickee Faust Theatre on April 8, and an Audio Described Dance Challange, have a friend describe your dance moves to those who are blind, from stage!


Festival Goers can see feature films all day long in the Mickee Faust Theatre, see Short Films at Cap City Video Lounge, and you will want to hear the outdoor music by the BLIND in the Art Garden and Craft House (all in the Art District) from brunch at 10:30 AM and for closing ceremonies starting at 8:30 PM, details at


There are also fun free activities in the Art Garden, like Beeping, Blindfolded Cornhole.


Musical talent Will Human, who is blind, is performing original songs live, backed by local musicians of all Abilities, with the video footage to be merged into a film about his journey telling the stories of other blind musicians. 


Also joining the festivities is host of "the Wellness CALL IN show" Sussane Cesana, flying to Tallahassee to co host the festival.


Another Cohost for the festival is competitive athlete Mike Tubiak, who is blind from Hartford Connecticut and host of "the RP SHOW", who recently completed the New York Marathon and is about to travel for the London Marathon. He is coming to Tallahassee to compete in a local strongman compition against sighted people. 


"Blind Filmmaking is something that surprises people," says Fox. "I was told to prepare for blindness as a teenager and wish I would have known that filmmaking is possible while blind," says Fox.

The eye surgeries started for Fox just after he had a short film premiere at the Sundance GenY Theatre when at 18, during the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.


From there it became his mission to start the Blind Can Film Festival so others can easily find examples of filmmakers making films about awesome people who blind and doing amazing things in the world.


"I am legally blind right now, with a few years left to see anything, seeing through a shrinking tunnel... I am making the absolute best of that time, I am making films... AND when I am fully blind, I will still be making films... I know that now," says Fox.


Currently in production, Fox plans to submit the scripted film "How I SEE IT" to Sundance Film Festival 2025, along with the film about his own journey: "Sundance KID: the Blind Filmmaker".


Fox says he hopes to include a reunion of all of the 2001 Sundance GenY filmmakers, as part of the film about his own story, "Sundance KID: the Blind Filmmaker".


"The last time we saw each other we were 18 years old, and I would like to see them again, maybe at next year's Blind Can Film Festival or maybe even at the next Sundance Film Festival," says Fox.


6 PM @ the Skate Park - See Blind Skater Anthony Ferraro 

 - Be an extra in our film



10:30 / Brunch with the BLIND at Railroad Square Craft House 

12 -  4 / Cap City Video Lounge - Short Films by the BLIND

4 - 8 / Feature Films by the BLIND @ Mickee Faust

8 / Live Music by the BLIND @ Railroad Square Craft House



The Blind CAN Film Festival, influencers from around the country, and the local blindness community


Celebrating the 3rd Annual Blind CAN Film Festival, kicked off with a live filmming of a blind skater, by a blind filmcrew


First Friday / April 7th, 2023


Tallassee Florida Art District


To show the world that the BLIND CAN


with all our hearts!


Blind Skater / Anthony Ferraro from Newark NJ

Blind Filmmaker / Ben Fox from Tallahassee FL

Blind Marathoner / Michael Tubiak from Hartford CN

Blind Musician Will Houman from Tallahassee FL

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